Meeting Agendas

Below is a list of recent Village Board agendas available for download. New agendas will become available a week before the board meetings occur when possible.

Board of Trustees

Wed., September 16, 2020Download Agenda
Wed., August 19, 2020Download Agenda
Wed., July 15, 2020Download Agenda

Item 3A Organizational Meeting Appointments
Item 5 6.17.20 North Hills BOT Meeting Minutes
Item 6A and 6B Resolution to Adjourn Public Hearings
Item 7A Treasurer's Report - June 2020
Item 7B 7.10.20 Budget Transfer Memo
Item 7C Payment of Claims - Warrant
Item 8A Resolution Regarding Extensions of Permits and Approvals
Item 8B 7.10.20 Village Office Renovation Memo

Architectural Review Board

Tues., September 1, 2020Download Agenda
Tues., August 11, 2020Download Agenda
Tues., July 28, 2020Download Agenda

Planning Board

Thurs., September 9, 2020 Download Agenda | Download Public Hearing Notice
Wed., February 12, 2019 *Cancelled*Download Public Meeting Notice | Download Agenda
Tues., February 11, 2019Download Public Meeting Notice
Thurs., October 10, 2019Download Agenda | Download Public Hearing Notice

Board of Appeals

Tues., February 25, 2020Download Agenda
Tues., October 22, 2019Download Agenda
Tues., September 24, 2019Download Agenda | Download Public Hearing Notice