Building Department Forms

To All Property Owners Within The Village:

Please be aware that all construction or alterations to existing dwellings require a building permit from the Building Department. This includes exterior extensions, alterations, decks etc., interior alterations including finished basements or parts thereof.

Please contact the Building Department for guidance prior to any work being started.

The purpose is to protect you as an owner to insure any work that is performed is to code and is safe. In addition, if you do not have a C.O. (Certificate of occupancy) for any alteration work it could delay the resale of your home.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer them. Please call.

Yours truly,
Peter A. Cinquemani, R.A
Superintendent of Building Department

Zoning Map

Notice to Permit Holders

Building Department Application & Forms

Requirements for Plumbing Permit

Generator Permit Requirements

Tree Permit Requirements

Sign Permit Requirements

Inspection Procedures

Open Permits

Policies and Standards for Small Cell Wireless Facility Siting Permits

Notice to Permit Holders

Any changes to construction which differs from the original approved plan must be approved by an amendment prior to the work being performed.

The Village requires an "Application to Amend Building Permit" forms in duplicate completed along with two (2) sets of signed and sealed drawings and two (2) copies of a signed and sealed survey (if exterior work is included).

In addition a filing fee must be submitted which is 1.5% of additional construction cost for new residence and 1% of additional construction for alterations.

Building Department Application & Forms

Instructions for Building Permit Application

License & Insurance Requirements

Building Permit Application

Certification of Licensed Professional to Oversee Construction

Proof of HOA Filing Affidavit

Nassau County Assessors Form

Notice of Utilization of Truss Type Construction, Pre-Engineered Wood Construction and/or Timber Construction in Residential Structures

Application to Amend Building Permit

Certification of Licensed Professional Who Periodically Inspected Construction

Instructions for Building Permit Close Out

Owner's Final Cost Affidavit

Permit Renewal Form

Location Letter

Plumbing Permit Requirements

1. Plumbing Permit Application

2. Plumbing Permit Fee:

  1. $50.00 per fixture for plumbing units (sinks, tubs, toilets, shower, bidets, dishwasher, washing machine, slop sink, etc.)
  2. $100.00 per heating or cooling unit
  3. $100.00 gas connection
  4. $50.00 per sewer connection
  5. Other - Ask Village

3. Copy of plumbing license from Town of North Hempstead (or reciprocal license from Town of North Hempstead)

4. Copy of Insurance Certificate

  1. General Liability
  2. Workers Compensation
  3. Disability

5. Plumbing riser diagram and floor plan of plumbing work

Tree Permit Requirements

1. Tree Permit Application

2. $75.00 Filing Fee for up to 5 Trees. 6 (Six) or more trees, contact building department for additional requirements.

3. Survey with Location size and type of trees to be removed

4. Contractor's name, license, insurance certificate for liability, workers compensation and disability ( see license and insurance requirements above)

5. If tree is not obviously dead, letter from arborist

6. Proof of HOA filing affidavit

Sign Permit Requirements

1. Application Form

2. Filing Fee:

  1. Residential districts: $150 plus $5 per square foot
  2. Commercial districts: $500 plus $5 per square foot
  3. Subdivision or condominium temporary sign: $500 plus $5 per square foot
  4. Renewals: $150 per year

3. Survey With Location of Sign

4. Drawing of sign showing dimension, materials, colors and height above ground

5. Contractor's Name, Insurance Certificate for General Liability , Worker's Compensation and Disability Insurance.

6. Signs at the entrance to properties require approval of the Architectural Review Board

Inspection Procedures

It is the applicant/owner's responsibility to schedule all inspections for the construction of your project under the approved building permit.

Inspections must be scheduled a minimum of48 hours in advance (2 working days). Inspections are made between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. weekdays.

Certain inspections may require the owner or contractor to be at the site during the inspection. For any questions or confirmation of inspection time call Peter Cinquemani, R.A., Superintendent of Building Department. 627-3690

Open Permits

All building permits issued by the Village are not officially completed until a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Otherwise it is considered an "open permit" and it may affect your ability to sell your residence.

Please contact the Building Department to determine if you have any open permits.